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Malaviya Centre for Peace Research 

The ancient city of Varanasi has traditionally been a site of intercultural and interreligious dialogue and discourses peace. Continuing this tradition, the Banaras Hindu University has taken the lead in institutionalizing an interdisciplinary centre of peace research and conflict resolution. Deriving its name from the illustrious founder of the university, the Malaviya Centre for Peace Research (MCPR) was launched in 1998 under the VIII UGC Plan as the first centre of its kind in the Indian University system. In just over a decade, the MCPR has established itself globally as a hub of scholarly and practical activities concerning varied dimensions of conflict analysis and sustainable peace. The granting of UNESCO Chair for Peace has been worthy recognition of the continuing peace work at MCPR.



  • The academic programs and practical training at MCPR aims to develop pedagogy and trajectories to understand the generic features of conflict and peace process within and across Indian borders in order to develop indigenous capacity to analyze and intervene in the peaceful management of violent conflicts.
  • Peace research at MCPR rests on three pillars-data, theory and values and offers an interface between research, teaching and recommendations. The aim is to wedge the gulf between theory and practice in policy-making through a synthesis of the academic findings and experiential inputs from practitioners and professionals.
  • Establish a wide peace constituency of resource persons and scholars stretching within and beyond South Asia through seminars, workshops and dialogues.
  • Apart from offering an interdisciplinary support to researchers, the MCPR offers a state of the art learning/training opportunity for students and practitioners from diverse fields concerned with conflict and community development.



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