Malaviya Centre for Peace Research

UNESCO Chair for Peace and Intercultural Understanding



Teaching Program

The teaching program was introduced at MCPR in 2005 under the UGC Scheme of Innovative program in Interdisciplinary & Emerging Areas. Beginning with a One Year PG Diploma, now the Centre offers a Masters Degree in Conflict Management and Development and a Ph.D. Program in Peace Research. Drawing candidates from diverse disciplines, these teaching/research programs offer an interdisciplinary site for students, scholars and practitioners concerned with social conflicts and community development and the imperative of conflict management at every level. Assisted by highly trained faculty from within and abroad, these innovative courses follow a step-by-step learning of how to analyze and handle a conflict situation, and provide knowledge and skills that are increasingly sought in today’s world. Through its trans-disciplinary researches, workshops and training programs, MCPR strives to enrich the indigenous trajectories of management and resolution of conflict. In doing so the MCPR works closely with various civil society organizations to elicit, and analyze data on various types of conflict both intra-state and inter-state and approaches of conflict resolutions drawing on various disciplines of social sciences.


bullet M.A. in Conflict Management and Development (Two Years)
bullet P .G. Diploma in Conflict Management and Development (One Year)
bullet Ph.D. in Peace Research


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