Former Ambassador of Nepal to Nordic countries Denmark, Finland and Norway Ambassador Vijay L. Karna made a special visit to the UNESCO Chair and MCPR on 23rd October 2018 and gave a guest lecture on present political scenario of Nepal and Challenges of Democracy and Development. Ambassador Karna is a Political Science Professor and acclaimed human right activist and has worked relentlessly in the policy formulation and agenda setting of Nepalese Polity and Society. Ambassador Karna in his presentation gave a synoptic vision of democratic transition movement of Nepal in last 5 decades and enumerated the multiple gains which were received through this democratic churnings. Distinguished Speaker Ambassador Karna has elaborated upon the exclusionary practices and monolithic interpretation of Nepalese nationalism. During monarchy period, he highlighted the salient features of Naya Nepal in the aftermath of democratic federal republican upsurge. He also analysed the challenges before state building and institutional reforms in a thread bare context and discussed the lacuna and gaps between various provisions. Ambassador Karna has also shifted his epistemic lens of enquiry towards the challenges of governance and development in the post earthquake scenario. He has lucidly presented a comparative and sectoral analysis of emerging patterns of developmental aid politics vis a vis China and India. He has a cautioned and calibrated approach towards the ballooning debt trap of China and Nepal falling prey to murky transactions of FDI in Nepal.

Ambassador Karna concluded with many celebratory outcomes of moral and aspirational politics of youth, marginal communities and women in last five years. His talk was followed by a very lively and nuanced discussion on various aspects of Nepalese polity and society. He was warmly felicitated by the Coordinator of the Center and UNESCO Chair Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya. Former Dean of the Faculty and former Coordinator of the Centre of Nepal studies Prof Anjoo S. Upadhyaya chaired the session and extended her good wishes to the visiting Professor and former Ambassador.