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Accomplishments of the UNESCO Chair (2014-2016)

Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya 


Mr. David Atchoarena, Director, UNESCO (Paris) commended  the ‘very good result’ achieved by the Chair, while recommending the  renewal of the  UNESCO Chair Agreement for an additional period of four years until December 2019’. On the invitation of the UNESCO (Paris) Cultural Section, Professor Priyankar Upadhyaya made an invited presentation at the Academic Forum of the UNESCO Chair for Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue in Baku on 18-19 May 2015. Professor Priyankar Upadhyaya was nominated by the UNESCO to serve as the member of the Executive Committee for the UNESCO Chair for Intercultural Dialogue. He joined the inaugural meeting of the Committee met in Paris on 17-18 December 2015. In December 2015, Mr Adama Dieng, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General visited the UNESCO Chair for Peace and Intercultural Understanding and delivered keynote address in International Summit on Peace and Harmony. Professor Priyankar Upadhyaya served as the expert panellist at the invitation of UNESCO Liaison Office at Geneva and Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue (GCHRAGD), Geneva on 29 March 2016 in an event entitled “International Day of the remembrance of the victims of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade: an opportunity to fight racism and prejudice”.  Further in 2016, Professor Priyankar Upadhyaya was nominated by the Assistant Director General for Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO to serve as a member of the Steering Committee in the Project entitled: “Progress and Challenges for the Peace Agenda of United Nations”.

Courses we offer- A progressive overview of the academic curricula (2014-16)

During 2014-16, we, at MCPR, consolidated the Master’s and Ph.D students/researchers to international training workshops relating to cultural diversities in Karlstad and Oslo: and received researchers and academics from other cultures to enrich our program. The most significant achievement of the UNESCO Chair has been the flourishing of the Masters Degree course in Conflict Management & Development. Along with a Post-Graduate Diploma, the UNESCO Chair at MCPR also hosts short-term certificate programs for academics and peace workers, since 2011. The establishment of the UNESCO Chair has also inspired and facilitated the induction of an interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Peace Studies- one of the first of its kind in Indian university system. Our faculty and researchers published in reputed international publications.  

Seminars and Conferences- 2014-2016

18-20 December 2015: An "International  Summit  on  Peace  and  Harmony" was held at Banaras Hindu  Univesity. The Summit had leaders, peace makers and scholars from all over including luminaries like Chancellor Dr. Karan Singh, Mr. Adama Dieng, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General and Prof. Douglas Allen, University of Maine, USA.

29-30 November 2014: An Interfaith dialogue based International Workshop on “Celebrating Multiple Identities in India” in collaboration with Temple of Understanding (India Chapter) and Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO), Norway.

10-23 January 2014: Two week “Capacity Building Programme for Social Science Faculty Members with special Focus on Peace and Interfaith Dialogue” was organized by UNESCO Chair for Peace and Intercultural Understanding in collaboration with ICSSR, New Delhi.

Key conferences and workshops hosted by UNESCO Chair, Malaviya Centre for Peace Research, BHU.

21-22 November 2018- International Conference on Womem, Conflict & Peace Processes in South Asia was organized by UNESCO Chair and MCPR.

23 October 2018- A special lecture on Present Political scenario of Nepal and Challenges of Democracy and Development by Former Ambassador of Nepal to Nordic countries Denmark, Finland and Norway Ambassador Vijay L. Karna.

21 September 2018, The International Day of Peace, celebrated this year at the UNESCO head quarter in Paris on the seminal work of UNESCO Chair Professor Priyankar Upadhyaya Long Walk of Peace: Towards Conflict Prevention”.

07 August, 2018: A special lecture on challenges and Conflict: Global and Regional Framework by Former Ambassador of India to Denmark Ambassador Niraj Srivatava(IFS 1983).

25 July, 2018: Talk by Padma Bhushan Prof .Ved.P Nanda ji Globally noted jurist, former Provost of Denver University and recipient of this year’s Padma Bhushan award, Prof. Ved P Nanda visited Malaviya Center for Peace Research here in Faculty of Social Science at the Banaras Hindu University and released a book ‘Long Walk of Peace’ authored by UNESCO Chair Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya.

31 March - 01 April 2018: An International Conference held on “Youth, Peacebuilding and Nonviolent Communication in collaboration with Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi .

15 March 2018: A Special Lecture was delivered by Prof. Kristian Niemi , Karlstad University, Sweden on “Field Work in Distance Places”. 

14 March 2018: A Special Lecture on “Religion and Food: Food as Religion” delivered by Prof. Katarina Plank, Karlstad University, Sweden.

12 February 2018: A Special Lecture on “Rwanda Genocide” delivered by Prof. Gerise Herndon,  Co-director, National Prestige Scholarships; Professor of English, Nebraska Wesleyan University.

04 January 2018: A Special talk on “Religion, Faith and Peace building” by Prof. Victor H. Kazanjian, Jr, Executive Director, United Religions Initiative (URI).

11 August 2017: A Special talks on “India's National Security: Issues & Challenges” by Lt. Gen. Syed Ata Hasnain, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM (Retd.).

26 July 2017: A Lecture on “Emerging political trends in the United States: Domestic and Global Implications” delivered by Prof. V. P. Nanda, John Evans University Professor and Thompson G. Marsh Professor of Law and the Director, The Nanda Center for International & Comparative Law, University of Denver, USA.

2-4 April 2017: An International Conference on “Gender Activism and Politics in India and Sweden” in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Karlstad University.

09 May 2016: Dr. Donald Roland, a peace activist and Senior Consultant at United States Institute for Peace New York led an interactive dialogue  on Youth’s and Peacebuilding.

28 April 2016: Kristian Neime from Karlstad University Sweden presented methodology lecture on ‘Peace Pedagogies in School Curriculum: A Comparative Study of India and Sweden’

 7 April 2016: An interactive session was led  by Planetskool- an NGO concerned with peace education. The discussion of the topic was  “Role of Technology in building substainable Peace”.

19 February 2016: A discussion cum workshop was organized around the reléase of the book  titled "Idealizing India: Transformative Visions of Theosophists on Education and Politics" authored by Per-Olof Fjallsby of Karlstad University, followed a musical evening on the theme of cultural  harmony led by the award winning musician Pandit Vikas Maharaj.

07 January 2016: Presentation by Prof. Annika Malmsten Saltin, Karlstad University on ‘Conflict Negotiations in Intercultural Communications’

2 November 2015:A special lecture delivered by Prof Mikael Granberg, Director, Centre for Climate and Safety, Karlstad University, Sweden on  “Climate change Policy & Practice: The Swedish Experiences”.

20 March 2014: An International Workshop on Multicultural Peace, led by Asa Bergenheim, Vice Chancellor, Karlstad University, Sweden, Per-Olof “P-O” Fjallsby, Head, Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, Karlstad University, Sweden

5 March 2014: One day Orienation  workshop on “Peace in - Peace out” organized by Peace Revolution.

4 February 2014: Interactive Workshop on the issues of “Challenges that a city like Varanasi faces” led by Jason Miklian and Kristian Hoelscher, Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO) and Observer Research Foundation Team, New Delhi.

ii)  Other conferences/organizational activities undertaken by the Chairholder:

2018: Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya has been nominated as a member of Board of Governors of Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata.

5th to 7th, 2018. Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya serves as a keynote speaker/resource person at the International seminar on Peace and Conflict Studies to be held at Kulturstudier-a Norwegian Academic Organization and Oslo Metropolitan University, Kathmandu from March.

Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya attended a meeting on 20th February, 2018 in Barcelona and served as a resource person at the workshop organized by the   Instituet Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI), Barcelona, as a part of the Global India European Training Network (H2020) to be held from February 21st to 23rd, 2018. This is in accordance with the MoU on Academic and Research Co-operation between Dublin City University and Banaras Hindu University.

11th October 2017, Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya  delivered a key note presentation in a Conference at Jerusalem, Israel

14th to 19th October 2017.Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya joined the conference for “UNESCO Chairs of interreligious and intercultural dialogue” in Elijah Interfaith Institute, Jerusalem, Israel.

18th -19th May 2017  Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya was invited by the Dublin City University during May 2017 to join a series of academic programmes beginning with the research program ‘Global India’.

25th – 26th May 2017 conference on “India and Europe: Debating the Challenge of Climate Change” .

EqUIP final symposium meeting in Hotel Golf, Bled on 24th and 26th of October 2016. The EU-India platform for Social Sciences and Humanities (EqUIP) brings together research funding and support organizations in Europe and India in order to develop stronger strategic partnership, with the focus on Horizon 2020 program. Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MIZS) as a partner in Slovenia, together with DFG (Germany), is responsible for the organization of the final symposium.

Another important facet of the Centre’s activity is to bring out research publications: occasional papers, seminars and workshop reports etc. Since 2003, the MCPR once again has been publishing an annual ‘Journal of Conflict Management and Development’ with an international editorial board.

2017: Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya has been appointed as PRIO Global Fellow. 

21 April 2016: Attended a meeting of an Advisory Committee member of the National Centre of International Security and Defence Analysis of the Savitri Phule Pune University.

30-31 March 2016: Attended a UNESCO Steering Committee meeting in Barcelona, Spain in the context of the International Decade, and in partnership between UNESCO and the University Abat Oliba (Spain), (UNESCO has launched a new research project to undertake a global assessment of the progress and challenges of the peace agenda over 70 years since the creation of the United Nations.

17-18 December 2015: Attended a meeting of UNESCO Executive Committee at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France.

9 April 2014: Interreligious Understanding as A Resource of Peacebuilding In South Asia' at Mater Dei Institute of Education, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland.




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