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Victoria Fontan

Victoria Fontan

University for Peace, Costa Rica


Profile :

Director of Academic Development, Office of the Dean for Academic Programmes Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies Project Leader, Peace Program in South Asia, the Horn of Africa and the Middle East In addition to teaching courses in peace and conflict studies, she is responsible for the development of academic ties with foreign partners. She is also leading UPSAM, a Dutch-financed project geared towards facilitating the establishment of MA programs in Peace and Conflict Studies in 17 Universities worldwide. Her research background is eclectic, while centered on key issues in the development of insurgent groups engaging in political violence and acts of terrorism in post-conflict areas. I conducted field research in Lebanon, the Spanish Basque country, and more recently post-Saddam Iraq. Recently, she has been exploring how to apply quantum and chaos theories to Peace and Conflict Studies.