Talk by Padma Bhushan Prof .Ved.P Nanda ji


A report


Varanasi, 25th July. Globally noted jurist, former Provost of Denver University and recipient of this year’s Padma Bhushan award, Prof. Ved P Nanda visited Malaviya Center for Peace Research here in Faculty of Social Science at the Banaras Hindu University and released a book ‘Long Walk of Peace towards Conflict Preventi towards Conflict Prevention’ authored by UNESCO Chair Prof. Priyankar Upadhyaya. Earlier this year, the book was launched at the prestigious UN Library at Geneva in presence of several UN dignitaries and scholars. The book is slated to be published in several European languages.


Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Nanda expressed his happiness to reunite with Prof Upadhyaya, a friendship which dates back to latter’s stint at the US Air Force Academy in early 90s.


Lauding Prof. Upadhyaya’s enduring commitment to Peace studies, Prof. Nanda stressed upon the need of peace studies to be developed and taken up as a mainstream discipline, “the world needs Peace like never before, there are as many as nine nuclear powers, some of them are failed states, any cross border adventurism can snowball into groundswell of forces across the border and any miniscule flare up may potentially culminate into full blown war, triggering atomic mayhem.” Prof Nanda sounded prophetic and alarmed.


Prof Nanda evoked the cardinal principles of Jainism- ‘Peace and Non-Violence’ and gave a clarion call from the podium of MCPR to scholars present to embrace Peace and shun hatred and violence. “Jainism is the way forward”, he noted.  He also envisioned Peace Studies incorporating nuances of Jain studies in its curricula for it’s enrichment and in pursuance of that, any collaboration with Jain institutes shall be commendable.

This was Prof. Nanda’s second visit to the Centre with his entourage and he promised to come here again very soon in the future. Prof. Nanda led a high profile delegation from the USofA which consisted of members of the Oberoi Foundation and CEO of a prominent Health care facility in the Mexico City.


The book launch cum felicitation event was chaired by Hon’ble Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. RP Pathak. Former Dean, FSS, Prof. Anjoo Sharan Upadhyaya, Prof. Mallikarjun Joshi, Dr. Manoj Mishra, Dr. Ajay Yadav, Dr. Prashant Kumar, Dr. Sunita attended the event. Also present were Post Doctoral Researchers and Ph.D Research Scholars of the Centre.  MCPR Coordinator and UNESCO Chair Professor Priyankar Upadhyaya welcomed the guests.


Brief Bio


Prof VP Nanda Ji is a global icon in the field of Law and Jurisprudence and has been a great Ambassador of Indo-US strategic ties. He is the Director of The Ved Nanda Centre for International and Comparative Law and also a Founding Director of International Legal Studies.  A legal luminary and Jurist per excellence, Prof Nanda is a decorated figure with several awards and recognitions to his name. In his illustrious career spanning over decades, Prof Nanda has adorned several distinguished chairs.


Nanda ji holds Honorary Doctorate in Law from Soka University, Tokyo and Bundelkhand University, India and has authored scores of scholarly books on international law and policy and published nearly 200 chapters and articles in scholarly journals. Prof Nanda's glittering career is studded with several coveted awards, which includes the prestigious Gandhi King Ikeda Award and Academic Achievement Award from the Institute of Oriental Philosophy, Tokyo, World legal scholar award, Civil Rights Award, Human Rights Award and Special Achievement Award.


Prof Nanda also serves as the Honorary President of the World Jurist Association, Honorary Vice President of the International Law Association (American Branch Association) Counselor of the American Society of International Law and is an elected member of American Law Institute and the International Academy of Comparative Law; member of the Advisory Council of the U.S. Institute of Human Rights.

Prof Nanda is an avid reader and noted writer as well. He writes columns for Denver Post and features regularly on Radio and TV shows.